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“The weakest link in the chain!” It is an expression that refers to human vulnerability as the weakest point in cybersecurity, whether in your private life or in a company or organization. This is because, despite technological advances, most cyberattacks still begin with a phishing attack, social engineering, or other method of manipulation to exploit individuals’ naivety, lack of attention, or lack of knowledge of digital self protection.

DigiSec Academy offers online courses, with vídeo classes in different topics and needs related to cybersecurity. there will be 3 options of courses:

The training to become an expert Blue Team professional should cover a wide range of subjects to ensure that participants are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to protect organizations against cyber threats.

A training program to become a digital security guard for personal needs:
Digital security awareness: understanding what digital security is and how it applies to personal needs.

Content: Digital security awareness, Secure passwords, Two-factor authentication, Phishing, Social engineering attacks, Antivirus software, Software updates, Wi-Fi network security, Mobile device security, and Online privacy.

A training program to become a digital security guard for business needs should cover all the basic knowledge topics of training to become a digital security guard for personal needs in addition to advanced topics including:

Content: Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Network Security, Application Security, Endpoint Security, Incident Response, Threat Intelligence, Security Awareness and Training, Compliance and Regulatory Requirements, Cryptography, Mobile Device Security, Cloud Security, Authentication and Access Control, Digital Forensics, Social Media Security, Security Management, Cybersecurity Ethics, The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union.